Aexonis- The History

Aexonis is a new entrant to the internet of things market that brings more than two decades of experience in mediation, geolocation, and data retention. The company is a spin out of a global cyber intelligence company, bringing to the IoT market a virtualized management and mediation software suite and extensive experience knowing how to securely connect, collect, analyze, and manage vast amounts of data from an extensive array of sources.

Leveraging its heritage of technical and business excellence, Aexonis mission is to enable a broad set of IoT mediation, management and data security while providing a new open architecture to all IoT devices, any access technologies, and every application to internetwork with each other and deliver the next level of IoT intelligence.

From its operations in Paris, France and Dallas, Texas, Aexonis is a building upon the first generation of M2M and IoT deployments to deliver a new class of intelligent mediation and management software for IoT. Aexonis’ flagship product, CEMTORE, can manage tens of millions of devices and IoT edge services while enabling comprehensive data management and security with an intuitive multi-threaded management system.

CemTore has the intelligence to bring together a variety of IoT protocols, technologies, devices and applications and make them work together intelligently as one comprehensive holistic deployment, instead of disparate applications without common intelligence. Read More >

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