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Making IoT Intelligent

While there can be little doubt about the growth and potential for the internet of things (IoT), the industry is still in its infancy and still evolving from simple machine to machine (M2M) connectivity. As a result, much of today’s deployments remain largely application specific utilizing one access technology to connect one device. Applications such as monitoring temperature, tracking assets, controlling lighting, or obtaining a system’s health have paved the way for a variety of businesses and industries now considering ways to leverage IoT to improve their operations.

While the potential use case for IoT is only limited by the imagination, there is one common theme from the early deployments – going from paper to practice is complex. There are many things to consider when deploying IoT.

CemTore is an open, virtualized mediation and management software suite designed to solve these issues. It takes the complexity out of deploying IoT, and delivers increased intelligence by enabling disparate applications and devices to work together as a team to solve larger business challenges. CemTore has unmatched scalability and can manage millions of devices and IoT edge services while enabling comprehensive management and security for those devices and vertical IoT applications from an intuitive multi-threaded management system.

  • What type of access technology or technologies should be used now and how to remain flexible for potential changes in the future?
  • How do I manage my deployment when I expand operations and will the deployment scale?
  • How do I securely store, access, and replicate data, and are there regulatory issues to consider?
  • Should the deployment be cloud-based, virtualized, or hardware based?
  • What are the inventory and supply chain management considerations?
  • How do we ensure all parts of the operation will benefit?
  • Will my deployment be flexible to ensure I can change technologies?