BARCELONA, FEBRUARY 26, 2018 – Wyres, and Aexonis, the category innovator of IoT mediation and management software, today announced the two organizations are working together to help drive complexity out of deploying IoT and open the market to a broader set of potential organizations that can manage their own IoT network.

Wyres has partnered with Aexonis to help build out a new live air IoT interoperability center of excellence at Aexonis’ France offices outside of Paris in the city of Les Ulis. The interoperability environment is designed to enable manufacturers, developers and other solution providers to come together to test, integrate and experiment with solutions and to demonstrate the high value of common IoT propositions. Wyres has provided LoRaWAN certified intelligent devices for indoor/outdoor geolocation. Aexonis is providing a virtualized mediation and management software suite to bring together a variety of IoT protocols, technologies, devices and applications and make them work together intelligently as one comprehensive holistic deployment.

We were delighted to join the Aexonis interoperability center and showcase our geolocation product capabilities” said Jean-Michel Rosset, Wyres’ president. “Aexonis’ initiative to bring together manufacturers of LoRaWAN gateways and devices, along with IOT management applications, lets us demonstrate the value of our joint value propositions and the strong dynamic of the LoRaWAN ecosystem”.

Wyres has been key to launching of our Live Air Interoperability Environment outside of Paris,” said Luis Alves, vice president of strategic alliances at Aexonis. “Wyres’ devices were installed and successfully brought up when our network environment launched and the Aexonis CemTore software suite has been managing the devices and establishing critical testing scenarios that will prove important for network operators as they look to bring up their IoT networks quickly and effortlessly in real world environments.”

About Wyres

Wyres was founded in 2015 to bring ubiquitous and scalable geolocation capabilities to low power mobile IOT devices and applications. Wyres’ tracking solution uses best-in-class IoT technologies and is deployed through-out Europe by logistic, industrial and transport infrastructures in need of better productivity and digitalization. Wyres multimodal geloc solver technology can accommodate a large range of use cases, with multiple technologies enabling different levels of accuracy as required, whether indoor or outdoor. For more information, visit

About Aexonis

Founded in 2017, Aexonis is the leader in IoT mediation and management software. With research and development facilities outside of Paris, France and Dallas, Texas, the company’s mission is take the complexity and cost out of deploying IoT and help open the market to a wider array of service providers, commercial enterprises, and public service organizations. Within Aexonis’ France operations, the company manages the industry’s first live air IoT interoperability center of excellence where its mediation and management software work with best in class applications, intelligent devices, and radio frequency (RF) network infrastructure to help organizations prove out cost-effective deployment alternatives. For more information, visit .